Solar Irrigation

Leaf Ninjas Solar Irrigation System

Water is the most essential element to ensure plant survival and success. This is why we have designed a system to achieve the highest quality irrigation imaginable. Our custom-built temporary remote autonomous solar irrigation system uses the very thing that can kill plants to save them. Solar energy is converted to mechanical force to push water through driplines to irrigate the plants. Data from the system is sent to our dashboard so we can monitor the health of the system and make adjustments for weather and end of season hardening off to reduce winter dieback caused by overwatering. The quality of the irrigation is optimal, the economics are unbeatable and we are very excited to be able to offer this system to our clients.


Benefits of using the Solar pump

  • Consistency in the watering of plants
  • Increased planting success rates
  • Lower cost with little to no labour required after installation
  • No fuel or electrical hookup required
  • Can be set up in remote sites where irrigation options are unavailable
  • Remote data collection service which records the water volume used
  • Warranty protection in your contracts
  • Competitive pricing and much more effective
  • Can irrigate over 1 acre
  • Can utilize many sources of water: tank, river, pond etc.
  • Improved environmental safety by eliminating hydrocarbons in natural areas

Remote monitoring data

A real-time, data monitoring system is built into the solar pump. At any time you can see the statistics of the pump at your planting project. The data will help you understand your water volumes and quantify watering session in case of a warranty dispute.