Leaf Ninjas Solar Pump Irrigation System

Many contractors, including Leaf Ninjas, are constantly challenged by Alberta’s dry climate to keep plantings irrigated and alive. With irregular watering quality and expenses to keep a consistent system running, aftercare of installed plant material is often undervalued. This is why Leaf Ninjas focused on the plants’ needs through innovation and developed a solar pump irrigation system.

Benefits of using the Solar pump

  • Consistency in the watering of plants
  • Increased planting success rates
  • Little to no labor required
  • No fuel or plugin required
  • Can be set up in remote sites where irrigation options are unavailable
  • Remote data collection service which records your water use
  • Warranty protection in your contracts
  • Competitive to water truck pricing, but much more effective
  • Can irrigate over 1 acre
  • Can be moved by 1 person
  • GPS tracked
  • Tolerant of sand and grit through the pump

Remote monitoring data

A real-time, data monitoring system is built into the solar pump, so at any time you can see the statistics of the pump at your planting project. The data that is recorded will benefit you to understand your water needs, have records in case of a warranty dispute, and for all maintenance submission requirements of your project.

Solar Pump Specifications
  • 951 GPH at shallow heads
  • 0.6 GPH on 12” drip irrigation spacing
  • Inlet side vertical suction limit: 6 meters
  • Maximum pump voltage: 60V DC
  • Maximum motor current: 5 amps DC ● Can run 600’ Drip irrigation per zone
  • up to 6 zones and can be expanded to 12 zones
  • Pump weight: 19.5kg
  • Pump dimensions: 520mm x 530mm x 200mm

Please contact us to design and quote a system for the needs of your project.