Leaf Ninjas’ projects involve soil bioengineering, slope stabilization, erosion control, industry reclamation, riverbank restoration, naturalization, revegetation, stormwater pond vegetation, and trail reclamation. Leaf Ninjas manages a fully integrated restoration system that includes the propagation and supply of native plant material, earthworks and installation, maintenance, and project monitoring. 

Leaf Ninjas surpasses project goals with their highly trained and experienced staff, our Ninjas.  Leaf Ninjas improves plant quality through custom contract growing and quality controlled plant procurement processes.  Exclusive products built in-house for monitoring and maintenance such as their solar irrigation system gives Leaf Ninjas higher success rates at a lower cost. Leaf Ninjas adapts to the needs of the project and exceed the standard expectations of installations and management.


Leaf Ninjas mission is to create enduring examples of ecological restoration

Leaf Ninjas vision is to assist nature in restoring landscapes to a biodiverse paradise.