Leaf Ninjas focuses on a whole systems approach to the growing, supplying and installation of plants species and designs around ecological restoration, soil bio-engineering, and production for their native plant nursery. Leaf Ninjas work with developers, landscape architects, contractors, schools, and municipalities. With our industry partners, we are committed to keeping long lasting relationships to develop best practices in our communities with our collaborative projects. Leaf Ninjas native plant nursery 25 minutes East of Calgary, we’re able to grow the highest quality of source-identified plants for public parks, restoration, erosion control, food production, farms, and acreages. With our expert horticultural planting team, designer and nursery operators we are able to work with a range of needs and specialties to ensure long-lasting success of the projects we are involved with.


As Nature working, the Leaf Ninjas are committed to pioneering healthy and productive relationships between humans and the ecosystems they interact with, while leaving behind legacies of increasing value for future generations to partner with, inspiring systems of ecological harmony and cultivating profound experiences of regenerative beauty.