Surviving the Seasons

If you’re looking for expertise to support your team in an ecological restoration project you’ve landed in the right place.

Ecological Services

Plant Supply

High-quality plant material delivered on time as needed. We have a screening process where low-quality plant material is rejected so you only get the best. We have our own holding facility so that we can prime and prepare the plants for our harsh climate before delivery to your project.


The right plants in the right places planted by professionals to ensure the greatest opportunity to thrive. We work closely with project partners to time plant installations and we have the facilities to work with construction delays so that the plants never suffer during the wait.

Solar Irrigation

Explosive plant growth and no more dead plants is what you can expect with an irrigation system designed by horticulturalists. The highest quality watering at a lower rate than conventional watering options, plus peace of mind in the hot months with solar powered irrigation.

Leaf Ninjas Solar Irrigation System

Water is the most essential element to ensure plant survival and success. This is why we have designed a system to achieve the highest quality irrigation imaginable. Our custom-built temporary remote autonomous solar irrigation system uses the very thing that can kill plants to save them. Solar energy is converted to mechanical force to push water through driplines to irrigate the plants.

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Live Stake Supply

We have supplied the market with the highest quality live stakes for over six years. Our quality management program ensures you are supplied the most viable live stakes possible. We have strict harvesting, handling, storage, priming and transport procedures so that every single live stake that arrives at your site is alive and ready to explode with growth. Our practices also ensure that the dimensions of the live stakes are even, straight and uniform to make installation as easy as possible, reducing your planting costs.

Plant one, get many. Salix interior (S. exigua) is our only native willow that can form a thicket by sprouting new shoots from the root system of a single plant. This willow has very high success rates and an exceptional root system for riparian bank stabilization. Sandbar willow is our most commonly requested live stake species.

Biodiversity supports healthy ecology and added variety reduces the risk of species-specific pest problems.  One example of the value of willow variety is selecting a species that grows tall and spreads wide over the water’s edge to create shade, improving fish habitat along a river.  Some common selections include: Salix lutea (Yellow twig willow), Salix petiolaris (Meadow willow), Salix lucida (Shining willow), Salix discolour (Pussy willow), Salix planifolia (Plane leaf willow)

Large trees can be established at a fraction of the cost using Populus balsamifera (Balsam Poplar) live stakes. This species can provide very large stakes if required for soil bioengineering slope stability projects. Smaller stakes can be used with willows to add trees to a project and provide great riparian bank stabilization. This species is very successful and is our second most commonly requested live stake species.

Add biodiversity and establish live stakes in more shaded areas with Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus sericea, C. stolonifera). Successful dogwood live stakes require consistent moisture during their establishment phase and irrigation is highly recommended. Once established, this beautiful species produces flowers, providing nectar to pollinating insects and then becoming fruit that is sought after by birds and mammals.

Have a Problem? We Make Solutions.

Drawing on our decades of experience, we work with clients to find simple solutions to their unique problems: Plant mortality, difficult maintenance, unusual irrigation requirements, remote access, difficult to source plants, strange plant reactions and more. Please contact us to talk to our ecological restoration experts so we can help get your project on a path of success.