Urban Farm

Urban Farming

Leaf Ninjas believes one of the best ways to build community is around food. Growing crops, sharing harvests, trading preserves and cooking meals with friends and family is a way of life. It is a seasonal rhythm which ties us to our local ecology and community and deepens our reverence for Nature.

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The concept of an urban farm is to get permission to take under-utilized land (backyards, school grounds, green spaces, roof tops, etc.) and cultivate crops for local markets. Leaf Ninjas began their urban farm in 2011. We use a method called SPIN farming (Small Plot INtensive) and other natural farming techniques.

Urban Farming

Our current approach to urban agriculture has evolved from production farming into a focus of education and research. We once supplied produce to chefs, restaurants and grocery stores in Calgary. We have also setup market gardens to supplement restaurants downtown like Ox and Angela and Una Pizza & Wine. Leaf Ninjas teach workshops, classes and provide hands on experience in learning how to grow food. In our research-based-farming, we plant unique annual and perennial species from all over the world with the intention of selecting genetics which thrive in Calgary’s climate.

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Our vision is to leave behind legacies of increasing value, to further diversify our local food system in Calgary and area. By working alongside gardeners, urban farmers (YYC Growers and Distributors), rural farmers, nursery organizations and restaurants, the Green Collar Workers of our region gain momentum in cultivating a strong local food culture.

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