Turning Dirt into Living Soil

When talking about soil people are usually only describing its physical makeup and the nutrients that it contains.

When we look at the best healthy soil under a microscope we see a deeper story. At the microscopic level the true life of the soil comes into focus. The bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes and others are present in unimaginable numbers. All of this life mixed with the organic and inorganic particles, forms what we like to call healthy soil. Abundant life in the soil increases the cycling of nutrients and the breakdown of organic matter into more simple forms that the plant can access to grow stronger.

eco friendly fertilizer

What does this mean for us? If our vegetable plants are able to access more nutrients they will grow faster, be more resistant to damaging insects and provide you with better nutrition! If we do not have healthy living soil then we have dirt and dirt is dead. If we are trying to grow in dirt then we have to take over the jobs of the microbes, watering more, loosening the soil adding fertilizers etc. Think of these microbes as hunter gatherers collecting nutrients (food) and water for your plants.

Different plants work with different microbes. Vegetable gardens and grasses thrive with a balance of bacteria and fungi whereas trees like soil that is more fungal dominate.

compost tea

Compost tea is a bubbled solution of a quality compost and or worm castings that are highly concentrated with these living microbes. We brew it in-house here in Calgary and apply it sometimes only hours later to areas that can benefit from the boost of life. It is non-toxic, completely natural and safe for children and pets. It’s like a liquid multi-vitamin and probiotic for your soil and plants.

To learn more about living soil check out our buddy Mike Dorion at Living Soil Solutions.

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