Leaf Ninjas’ professional team offers a whole rounded approach from start to finish for ecological restoration projects. They perform the installation and supply of native plants, earthworks, monitoring and, maintenance. They specialize in challenging and hard to access sites in sensitive areas. Leaf Ninjas leads projects from the ground, can work with in house machine operators, and take over projects already in progress. Their focus is to complete the project with ease and long-lasting success. 

Ecological Restoration Services

  • Bio-engineering supply and installation
      • Live stakes, Whips, Live rods, for all bioengineering and slope stability methods.
  • Native plant supply and installation services in urban, industrial, or rural remote sites
      • Ability to grow, source and plant over 50,000 units per project
  • Pre-disturbance cataloging and seed or cutting collection for propagation
  • Contract propagation and custom growing 
  • Seeding (manual and mechanical)
  • Forestry setting tree planting
  • Plant holding and storage
  • Maintenance and monitoring reporting
      • Leaf Ninjas performs maintenance and monitoring for existing projects as well as newly planted projects
  • Solar Irrigation system and water truck
  • Invasive plant and weed management
  • Plant health assessments

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With every project, Leaf Ninjas encourages clients to have caring and qualified planters to perform the installation of native plants, live stakes and native seed, and a maintenance program for the best outcome of your project.

With their experienced planting crew, they can install 1000-50,000+ plants per project. Leaf Ninjas is able to assess the sites needs prior to planting to develope a plan for high success rates, making the clients project safe and streamline. 

supply and install
Live willow stake installation along the Bow River with Trevcon for the flood mitigation and erosion control efforts


Alberta’s weather patters can cause major issues while managing a restoration project. Leaf Ninjas planting and after care experience in remote and challenging sites allows them to work in any setting to develop a plan best suited for your site. 

Maintenance program includes

  • Solar irrigation system
    • Real time online data recording on the systems use (water used, how many days, what days). This information is provided to clients on a monthly basis.
  • Invasive and unwanted plant management
  • Erosion control
  • Pest management 
  • Pruning and plant replacement
  • Monthly reporting and strategy updates
  • Spring and fall clean up

Pre-disturbance Cataloguing and Seed Collection

Our pre-disturbance services include infield biologist and horticulturalists to record and catalog desired species of plants to be saved before development or enhancement. After cataloging and collection of the desired species seeds will begin, then growing of the plants that are being removed to then be replaced after disturbance. 

Seed point source collection survey for alkali grass


Seed collection for a future stormwater management pond.

For the greatest ease, success and cost savings, work with Leaf Ninjas for all your planting, erosion control and flood mitigation needs.

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