Ecological Restoration

Nature does it best. That is why our approach is so focused on mimicking the systems that work. Ecological restoration to us means assisting disturbed land with the ecology that it functions best with. Understanding what the land needs is as simple as observing the characteristics of the land and mimicking the healthy ecology you find in an identical setting.

Leaf Ninjas professional team offers services for plant specific sections of projects for developers, earthwork contractors, landscape architect firms, municipalities and mining groups. We work with groups that have experienced high planting failures, difficult installations and high costs with non-horticultralist installation teams. Leaf Ninjas delivers optimum success and ease for projects with a dedicated horticultral team focused only on plant sourcing and installation. Source identified plants tailored for your projects needs and effective easy to communicate with owner operated management. 

source identified

Seed identifying for specific genetics for contract growing

Selection of the perfect plants is only half the battle. Insuring that they survive and thrive after being transplanted is the real task. Our plantsmen have decades of planting experience. We add microbiology and fungi to the soils to improve plant health. Watering is regimented and exact from planting through to complete establishment. Weeds are managed efficiently. Follow ups are performed and reported on by our horticultural professionals.

tree planting

Storm pond planting for Mattamy Homes and NAK Design Strategies at Southwinds community in Airdrie

Ecological Restoration Services

  • Live stake material Sandbar Willow (Salix interior, Salix exigua), Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera), Balsam poplar (Poplar balsamifera) Southern Alberta sourced
  • Plant supply and installation (plugs, LP, up to 5 gallon, ability to plant 20,000+ units per project)
  • Pre-disturbance cataloguing and genetic collection
  • Erosion control and Bio-engineering 
  • Contract propagation and growing 
  • Maintenance
  • Watering
  • Weed management
  • Health assessments
supply and install

Live willow stake installation along the Bow River with Trevcon for the flood mitigation and erosion control efforts

Live stakes and planting services

We offer live stakes for direct planting, fascine (live bundles), pit planting, sonotubes, plug planting and other bio-engineering methods. All of our live stake willows are harvested locally and specific for projects needs and held in refrigeration under humidity controls to insure that the cuttings are viable on the date of delivery.Experienced in the latest information of harvesting and installation techniques for erosion control and bio-engineering from leading organizations and individuals.  We take all the steps to ensure optimum success for all projects we’re involved in. 


Live stake bundles harvested along the Bow River watershed used in the flood mitigation and erosion control efforts after the 2013 floods.


With every project we encourage our clients to have our expert planters perform the installation of the live stakes and other plants to insure the highest success of the project. With our experienced planting crew made up of horticultralists we can plant anywhere from 1000-20,000+ plants per project. We can assess the soil conditions and exact function of the plantings before orders are filled so that necessary steps can be taken to prevent installation delays, find extra savings and improve the success of efforts.

Live staking at the Ogden Oil Refinery Beaver Dam Flats, bio-engineering, live staking, erosion control

Live staking erosion control for Parsons at the Ogden Oil Refinery Beaver Dam Flats

Bio-engineering and erosion control project with Dave Polster Environmental and the Elbow River Watershed Partnership, erosion control, live staking

Bio-engineering and erosion control project with Dave Polster Environmental and the Elbow River Watershed Partnership

Site prep technique called “rough and loose” for naturalization and large scale planting. The ideal planting conditions compared to the contrary, flat well groomed planting areas.

 Pre-disturbance Cataloguing and Seed Collection

Our pre-disturbance services include in field biologist and horticultralist to record and catalogue desired species of plants to be saved before development or enhancement. After cataloguing, collection of the desired species seeds will begin, then growing of the plants that are being removed to then be replaced after disturbance. 

Seed cataloguing for new development for Mattamy Homes/ NAK Design, storm pond

Seed cataloguing for new development and storm pond for Mattamy Homes/ NAK Design Strategies

Seed collecting for growing contract to re-establish plant communities to new community by Mattamy Homes and NAK Design

Seed collecting for growing contract to re-establish plant communities to new community by Mattamy Homes and NAK Design Strategies contract 

Contract Growing

Contract growing services are available through the Leaf Ninja native and edible plant nursery located 25 minutes east of Calgary. If your project requires source identified seeds stock, unique and hearty genetics for a range of diverse projects. Leaf Ninjas nursery is able to contract grow 200,000+ units with appropriate timing.


In our experience, the main failure of planting projects is the lack of aftercare program. Success rates drastically increase with a management schedule in place. This includes watering in the establishment phase, pest (bugs, rodents and other wildlife) and weed management. Our expert team can prime the short and long term success for your projects needs.

ecological restoration

For the greatest ease, success and cost savings, work with Leaf Ninjas for all your planting, erosion control and flood mitigation needs.

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