Putting the nature back in nature.  If you need native plant material supplied and installed we can help.  If you have a riverbank that needs vegetating to prevent erosion we can do that.  If you need to stabilize a slope or fix a drainage channel we can take care of that for you. Naturalization, riparian revegetation and soil bioengineering for slope stability are the offerings that Leaf Ninjas has spent years perfecting.  We supply, install, maintain and monitor ecological restoration projects and we do it with a passion that has allowed us to become leaders in Western Canada by continuously improving our work procedures and quality assurance program.  Safe work practices for our team, the environment and our local communities is our top priority and we carry a certificate of recognition to prove it. 

Ecological Restoration Services

  • Bio-engineering supply and installation
      • Live stakes, Whips, Live rods, for all bioengineering and slope stability methods
  • Native plant supply and installation in municipal, industrial, and remote sites
      • Ability to grow, source and plant over 100,000 units per season
  • Pre-disturbance cataloguing and seed or cutting collection for propagation
  • Seeding (manual and mechanical)
  • Tree planting
  • Plant holding, storage and logistics
  • Maintenance
    • Erosion and sediment control, fencing, herbivory deterrents, weeding, watering
  • Solar Irrigation system
    • Temporary remote autonomous solar irrigation system design, deployment and monitoring
  • Invasive plant and weed management
  • Plant health assessments
  • Professional consultation on existing project challenges


Installing plants is difficult because unlike most materials, if not handled properly, plants will die. With every project, we encourage our clients to have caring and qualified plant professionals oversee the logistics, handling and installation of the potted plant material, live stakes and seed. Having the proper people involved in the chain of custody of living materials can save huge amounts in maintenance and warranty costs down the road. 

The earlier we can provide insight and expertise in your project the fewer problems will occur in the future.  Unknowns can be eliminated, arbitrary decisions become informed decisions and project quality assurance can begin from day one to reduce total project cost. 

Brush layer soil bioengineering


Unforeseeable weather patterns can cause major issues while managing a restoration project. Our planting and aftercare standard procedures aim to reduce the effects of uncertain weather events to prevent stress and mortality on establishing plants.  Our motto of ‘early and often’ is key when maintaining sites and has helped us to reduce the total cost of maintenance by nipping new problems in the bud, preventing runaway compounding issues which are common when battling the forces of nature. 

  • Invasive and unwanted plant management
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Fencing for the public and to prevent herbivory
  • Pest management 
  • Pruning and plant replacement
  • Monthly reporting and strategy updates
  • Spring health and maintenance assessments
  • Fall winterization
  • Watering – manual and solar irrigation system deployment

Solar Irrigation

Water is the most essential element to ensure plant survival and success.  This is why we have designed a system to achieve the highest quality irrigation imaginable.  Our custom-built temporary remote autonomous solar irrigation system uses the very thing that can kill plants to save them.  Solar energy is converted to mechanical force to push water through driplines to irrigate the plants.  Data from the system is sent to our dashboard so we can monitor the health of the system and make adjustments for weather and end of season hardening off to reduce winter dieback caused by overwatering.  The quality of the irrigation is optimal, the economics are unbeatable and we are very excited to be able to offer this system to our clients starting in 2020. 

Remote Temporary Solar Irrigation System


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