Imagine taking some of the best working systems from nature, modern society, and traditional human cultures and then integrating them into a holistic-contemporary design.

A natural forest aesthetic combined with artistic stone and wood work cultivate a tranquil environment that doubles as a hospitable social environment, while all of the plants in the landscape are selected to provide an abundance of fresh food and medicine.

Leaf Ninjas food forests are a synergy of annual and perennial plant communities. These gardens have the positive byproduct of providing habitat for beneficial birds & insects, enhancing biodiversity, creating healthy soil biology, harvesting & storing rainwater and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

edible zen garden

Our form draws from traditional Japanese zen gardens, permaculture principles and agroecological techniques, and is an extension of our mission to cultivate ecological vigor and diversity. Through biomimicry, intelligent and intuitive design are created, equipping homeowners, business owners and public spaces with adaptable solutions for beauty and local food resilience.


Edible Landscape Services

Leaf Ninjas offers consultation, design, installation, and stewardship services for edible landscapes in the cold temperate climate of Calgary, AB and area. We are committed to our projects as they grow from young food forests into more mature, established, and productive systems. A successful installation ends with educating our clients so they can develop a personal relationship with their food forest.



A consultation with Leaf Ninjas is always free. We meet the homeowner, business owner or developer to assess the goals and initial conditions of the site. We assess existing plant material for health and integrity to determine the landscape’s greatest current assets, as well calculate water capacity and conveyance on site for design considerations. We also consider soil structure, tree care, functionality, maintenance, sun exposure and potential for food production. We have an in depth conversations about your goals, visions and desires so we can create a tailored landscape specific to you and your property.



After moving through the consultation phase, we will request a real property report and have an on site survey to place key elements in the design. We’ll take all of this information to review and refine concepts and narrow down which solutions seem to work best for you and the land. Once we have arrived at a clear and concise approach for all of the elements in the design a final meeting is then scheduled where the end design is presented along with quotes for installation services.



Leaf Ninjas delivers edible landscapes on various scales. Our projects are implemented with the highest quality and with revered intent. Our licensed, insured, communicative, artistic and professional approach is why Leaf Ninjas is the leading food forest installation company in Calgary, AB and area.

food forest


You can rest assured that Leaf Ninjas is committed to offering edible landscaping maintenance and ongoing consulting services after the installation has been completed. Our mission is for your project to mature into it’s highest potential. As plants mature, site conditions change, or you adapt your goals, Leaf Ninjas is here to help. We offer various scales of ongoing consultation and maintenance services to fit your needs. We hope for you to cultivate a relationship with your edible landscape and develop your own unique food forest culture.

permaculture landscape