Seedy Saturday in Calgary


If you are new to gardening and permaculture in Calgary and you are trying to find the best seeds for your garden then look no further…

Seedy Saturday is a market event held one day a year each spring in Calgary that should not be missed. In 2016 the date is Saturday March 19th. Seed producers from around the country come to share the best genetics for our local, admittedly chilly, climate.


Leaf Ninjas is making a presence but instead of sharing seeds we tried to go one step further.

We took the seeds that we’ve found have worked best and require the most commitment and got the process started for you.

We will be supplying seedlings for the following plants at this years Seedy Saturday.


Matina – 9

            Early Season


            Medium Size

Kimberly – 6

            Early Season


            Medium Size

Ambrosia red – 9

            Early Season


            Small Size

Brin de Muguet – 6

Mid Season


            Medium Size

Hay’s – 6

            Large Red Slicer


            Mid Season

Martino’s Roma – 9

            Mid Season


Early Siberian – 9

            Early Season


            Large Size



Romanesco – 9

            Psychedelic broccoli



Catnip – 6

Greek Oregano – 6

German Winter Thyme – 5

Culinary Sage – 4

Chive – 12


Sweet Chilis

Lipstick – 9

            Thick walled

            Juicy and Sweet


Alma Paprika – 15


            Green to orange to red skin

            2’ tall and heavy producing


Bell Peppers

Sweet Chocolate – 9

Dark brown skin – red flesh

Medium sized peppers



Buttercup Squash – 4

            Dark green skin

Smooth sweet orange flesh


Blue Ballet Squash – 6

            Medium size blue-grey hubbard

            Smooth sweet flesh


Gold Nugget Squash – 5


            Pink-orange skin

            Bushing plants


Kuri Kuri Squash – 6

            Northern Japan

            Small orange hubbard



Cucumber Smoothie – 9

            Long dark green english


Edible Flowers


            Empress – 10

            Dwarf Jewel – 8


We spend the last two days taking the seedlings and putting them into larger containers with a ninja soil mix.  This way the seedlings will be easy for you to hold in the window until the garden is ready.

We really hope to see you there.  Come by and say hi!

Also Ninja Andrew will be presenting at 1:30pm.  Controlling the rain – a sustainable garden booster.

Lots of love!

A thousand bows,

Leaf Ninjas