We are very excited to share our favorite edible plants with you.

We are Calgary gardeners and we know that here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains it’s not the easiest place to grow a mind blowing tomato. But it is possible, and we want to help as many people enjoy growing food as possible. This is why we are growing the best edible plants for you to enjoy. We want you to enjoy growing this food but even more we want you to enjoy eating it and sharing it with your friends and loved ones. Sharing food makes the world a better place!

edible plants greenhouse
Leaf Ninjas Nursery edible plants greenhouse

Leaf Ninjas started as an urban farming group growing edible plants and selling our veggies at farmers markets and supplying restaurants. We then transitioned into building perennial Food Forest systems for businesses and residents to create a legacy of abundance for their friends and families to enjoy for years to come. We’ve also worked closely with the trees in our city to improve their health. We prune fruit trees for more vigor and accessible fruit and graft on new varieties for even more bounty. The next step in our journey is the Leaf Ninjas Nursery where we supply you with edible plants.

We want to provide you with the best edible plants in the world.

The best plants meet two key criteria, firstly they grow well in our neck of the woods/prairies and secondly, they taste amazing!

The first phase of this journey will be annual edible plants. Plants that will grow in our short seasons and that taste so good they are priceless. These plants are quick for us to start and we can get them to you for the 2017 gardening season.

The next step of our nursery will include perennial edible plants like fruit trees, berry bushes and other plants that come back year after year growing and compounding the volume of food they provide. These are our favorite Food Forest selections that every yard should have.

The rest is a mystery to be revealed as the sands of time pass…

What’s Growing

Below are our current available plants but be warned as this is our first season our capacity is very limited so our number of available plants is very low and we will run out. All of our plants get delivered once the risk of frost has passed so you get your plants right when you need them. The delivery fee can be waived if you come to pick them up at our greenhouses just east of Chestermere. No charges will be made until the day of delivery. Best of luck and happy growing!!

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Didn’t find what you were looking for? We are constantly searching for exciting plants. If you know a plant that we should be growing please let us know on our social media accounts!